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a bed of roses
życie usłane różami Life is not a bed of roses
a dead duck coś co ma małe szanse realizacji, powodzenia That company was a dead duck from very beginning
a dead loss coś zupełnie bezużytecznego, coś nie przynoszącego żadnych korzyści My purse is a dead loss
a flash in the pan słomiany zapał It was only a flash in the pan
a rainy day czarna godzina Save for a rainy day
after one's own heart w czyimś guście This is a man after my own heart
against time z pośpiechem I was running against time
aid and abet podpuszczać kogoś do czegoś She planning to aid and abet him in this
alive and kicking pełen energii, życia He is alive and kicking
all and sundry wszyscy co do jednego, dla wszystkich bez wyjątku E-learning is for all and sundry
all over po całej (powierzchni), wszędzie He has travelled all over Europe
all the better tym lepiej All the better to see you with, my dear
artful dodger spryciarz He is an artful dodger
as a rule z reguły, zwykle As a rule we provide to you your initial password
as cheap as dirt tani jak barszcz Wood is as cheap as dirt there
as cross as two sticks zły jak osa, rozgniewany I was as cross as two sticks
at a blow jednym ciosem, za jednym zamachem My first publications, almost at a blow, were poems in literary magazines and stories in New Worlds and Orbit
at all events w każdym wypadku At all events, we are prepared for it
at any rate w każdym razie At any rate, I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice
at first sight 1) na pierwszy rzut oka;
2) od pierwszego wejrzenia
1) At first sight the problem is primitive
2) Do you believe in love at first sight?
at leisure w wolnym czasie As a housewife, she likes her way of life now, shopping, taking care of children, and learning Chinese painting at her leisure
at one's peril na własne ryzyko Use it at your peril
at the drop of a hat szybko bez wahania Little of the country is actually under control, and it goes further out of control at the drop of a hat
at this rate w takim tempie At this rate, living standards will double every 31 years